Purpose of this document

It is intended to make the HProTravel’s second generation Search & Booking Engine Platform (Platform2) available to registered clients through a JSON based Application Programming Interface (API) by describing existing data formats, API communication structures, methods and testing procedures.

To achieve this, an API will be provided to allow various types of client systems to integrate with the HProTravel Platform 2 Search & Booking Engine system using defined set of published specific JSON messages by using the JSON Schema standards.

Platform 2 Search & Booking Engine’s JSON API system is a REST API framework based communication interface between online hotel systems and HProTravel customers around the world such as OTA’s, tour operators, wholesalers, affiliates etc. to execute functions and tasks such as content delivery, searching, reservation and cancellation.

The purpose of this document is to outline the communication between Platform2 and Customer though this API.


The communication part of the system is based on HTTP and secure HTTP requests.

Communication layer consists of JSON based API interaction that provides customer side the functions as follows :

To become a Platform2 JSON affiliate, the client needs to be registered as HProTravel agency / affiliate at HProTravel website www.hprotravel.com firstly.


During API implementation, HProTravel will provide a test environment along with log in credentials, testing URL and static data.

HProTravel will provide support during development stage.

Implementation process consists of :

This document provides necessary information about implementation process.

Live account and environment will be provided by HProTravel after approval of customer API implementation.

The API supports HTTPS (HTTP over SSL) using authentication. Every account have its own username and password as login credentials for both test and live servers.