You can find some frequently asked questions as follow;

If you have any question about integration, please kindly contact with us by sending e-mail to : clientintegration@hprotravel.com

1 )What is Cosmos? Do I need separate credentials for it, too?

Cosmos is static database where you can find hotels, images, description etc. You have 2 ways to get static data. First way is to get static data export link. Second way is to get it through Cosmos API.

To get credentials for Cosmos ( Static data ) API, please contact with clientintegration@hprotravel.com

2) Why am I getting cheapest prices at the Search step?

Our system is giving the cheapest rate ( 1 room) of each hotel in search response. To get all rooms of requested hotel, you need to call our “Hotel-Availability” step.

If your system is not fitting with this way, it can be changed on our side. Please contact with us with clientintegration@hprotravel.com.

3) How can I access my booking via API? Does interface display my bookings?

On test environment, we do not have interface where you can check your bookings. You need to call this endpoint; api-test.hprotravel.com/api/v2/bookings/

On live environment, you will have interface login and you will be able to see your bookings online and via API as well; api2.hprotravel.com/api/v2/bookings/

4) Can I use multiple destination search?

No, we are supporting single hotel, multiple hotel, single destination and single geo-location search.

5) I completed integration. What should I do to get live credentials?

After completing the integration, you need to complete the certification process. Here is the certification form link;


6) Why do I get “Search pax info and book pax info does not match” error?

This error refers to the number of name parameters you send with Book request does not match with the pax information in Search request or the order of children ages in Search request different from the ones in Book request.