Connection to REST API URL

For the implementation process, HProTravel provides test server information including as follows :

Customer should have proper internet connection to the HProTravel test URL from http/https ports (80/443).

Customer should also provide client IP addresses for the connection to both test and live servers.

SSL/TLS standard HTTP communication connection (https) used for security by providing signed by trusted certificate authority public key certificate by Platform 2.

All requests need to be sent in Unicode 6.1 / UTF-8 encoding. All responses will be similarly encoded.

Note : The bookings made on the test system cannot be real (live) booking.

Live environment is available by the link :

Please note: For a new account, only test environment is available. Until the connection and implementation proves ends by the approval, the live environment of HProTravel – Platform 2 Search & Booking system will not be available.